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Here's What Our Happy Customers Have to Say...

Glen Gorman

What a brilliant concept of mixing basic photographic techniques with the unlimited creativity of your own imagination!

The cookbook itself provided all the inspiration you need to create your own beautiful, weird, and wonderful images in an easy-to-follow format with clear imagery and instruction. If you’re looking for inspiration to fuel your own creativity in a fun and simple way, then this is the book for you!

Jennifer Marciniak

I seriously feel like this took years off of my learning! I love the idea of just capturing them as they are. This has also helped my creativity immensely! I am constantly checking my local thrift stores for props and inspiration.

I told my husband I would have paid $1,000 for this had I known how much I would learn…not that I’m not happy paying what I did! Thank you!

Kathy Wurth

I was eager to learn from Ashraful and grateful that he was willing to share his knowledge and creative process. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his book, and refer back to it frequently. I have had so much fun completing my version of some of the case studies, and I am eager to try many more of them.

Bill Yeo

I wish I had discovered the course earlier, it’s just what I needed to finally get started with Lightroom. Your presentation style makes one understand how everything works, and it’s easy to follow each step without getting confused. Plus the quality of production is top class to match.

David Price

These cheat sheets are great for improving my knowledge of photography. They are plain, and simple to use. It’s so easy to pick one card, then use it to practice a new area of photography.