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How To Effortlessly Create Award-Winning Time-Lapse Movies

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If there was a simple way to create stunning time-lapse movies so striking and so captivating that your videos went viral… would you be interested?

What if you could create awe-inspiring time-lapse movies, without having to invest in expensive equipment or software… would that make it more accessible to you?

My name is Josh Dunlop, and here’s something few people know… You can create breath-taking time-lapse movies, 10x better than you can imagine now. All you need is a simple process.

Videos so engaging and exciting that others may accuse you of stealing footage from The Discovery Channel. You don’t need a fancy camera, and you don’t need expensive training.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

Take a look at this. I created this first time-lapse before discovering what I’m about to share with you.

It’s a good first effort, but it flickers because I was shooting it as if it was a landscape photograph.

The wrong shutter speed, aperture, interval, and more. The result is a very amateur Time-Lapse.

Now, look at this… I created this time-lapse just a week later. Same location, same camera, same equipment…

A much smoother and more professional-looking time-lapse.

Hi, I'm Joshua Dunlop, Founder of ExpertPhotography


During the week between my first and second video, I attended a private workshop with Time-Lapse Master, Casey Kiernan (on the right). One of the best in the world at what he does.

His work has won the Gila Time-Lapse Film Festival, the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and the California Film Awards. His pictures and movies have been featured in CBS News, Al Jazeera, History Channel and more.

Collectively, his movies have had tens of thousands of views online!

When I met Casey, I was embarrassed that my technical skills as a landscape photographer didn’t transfer over to time-lapse photography.

It seems counter-intuitive, but… (click to open)

  • You actually want motion blur
  • You set a wide aperture, instead of a narrow one
  • And what you look for in a scene is completely different

All you need is a basic camera and lens, and an intervalometer (that’s the simple remote you use to automatically capture the sequence for you).

The things I learned from him forever changed how I think about, and approach creating time-lapse movies.

Introducing: “Total Time-Lapse”

(For illustration purposes only; this is an online course with video downloads)

Total Time-Lapse is a High Definition video course on the art of time-lapse photography.

It shows you how to create world-class movies without being a pro photographer and without buying expensive gear.

Casey Kiernan and I collaborated on this course after he walked me through the process to become a time-lapse photographer. We share the skills that save us time and earn us praise.

The “secret” to exceptional time-lapse photography isn’t where you shoot, or even how you set up your camera… the real secret is the movement that you capture.

Some of the skills you’re going to gain include:

  • A total walkthrough of the process we use 100% of the time – (from setting up at home to exporting the finished video)
  • How to select a scene that will add movement and intrigue to your finished movie
  • Why most time-lapse movies have old fashioned ‘flicker’… and how you can ensure this never happens to your videos
  • The lazy man’s way to edit almost all your photographs at once
  • Why you actually want motion blur in your photos for a film-like finished video
  • How to add motion to your movies using sliders and panning heads
  • How to stitch all the photos into a finished time-lapse, using a free-to-use tool
  • And much, much more…

Total Time-Lapse shows you how to find movement in your scenes and bring your videos to life. Videos like this…

One of the best parts is that every technique is taught with common language! Even though Total Time-Lapse gives you an advanced skill set, it shares (and demonstrates) every technique without a bunch of jargon.

Here, check it out for yourself:

Even if you struggled in school… or aren’t the greatest at grasping new skills… you’re going to be shocked by how easy it feels to absorb this information.

If You Think Your Gear Isn’t Good Enough… Think Again.

You do NOT need top-of-the-line gear for “Total Time-Lapse”. In fact, we show you why cheaper lenses are often better for time-lapse photography!

The only accessories you need to get started is a tripod and a $15 intervalometer.

Chances are you already have everything you need to capture jaw-dropping time-lapse movies.

Although your gear will undoubtedly be good enough, you do need a couple of pieces of software to create your finished time-lapse:

  • Adobe Lightroom, which is an essential software for every photographer. It’s only ten bucks a month, or you can get an older version for a one-off payment.
  • And LRTimelapse, which is free for sequences less than 400 images (which we rarely exceed).

Do You Want An Ethical Way to ‘Cheat’ at Photography?

Setting up your camera to constantly take pictures, hoping to get lucky is… cheating.

Sure you might get a good photo or two, but did you work to get it, or did you stumble across it by chance?

Time-lapse photography is different. You’re supposed to take hundreds of photos at once. And when you do, you can publish your favourite from the bunch.

You worked hard on the composition, you thought about how the scene was going to change. You earned that photo while letting your camera do most of the hard work for you.

This photo came from a sequence of over 300 photos…

Together with one of my videographers who went through this course, we created our own Time-Lapse movie of the city we live in, and we think it’s pretty special.

Check it out below and see what you’ll be capable of once you’ve been through this training:

Capture Beautiful Moments of Motion with Your Photography

Picture this.

Before you leave the house, you have your camera setup with the exact settings you’re going to use. All you need to do is click start.

You arrive at the location without a single worry about composition, because you know exactly what you want to capture.

Within a matter of minutes, you’ve captured your first time-lapse. You’re so amazed as you scroll through your images, you won’t stop shooting until all your batteries are dead.

15 minutes later you’re adding all kinds of interesting foreground objects, dramatic light, and shadows, and mesmerising movement to make your time-lapse truly striking.

Once you’re finished, you have a selection of videos with unparalleled interest and activity. Videos so vibrant they command respect from even the most seasoned photographers.

Sound far-fetched? That’s what I thought too.

And then I attended Casey’s workshop. Within 3 days of absorbing his approach, I created all of the videos you now see on this web page.

And the best part is that shooting time-lapses is second nature to me now. I follow a few simple rules, and I’m now confident that:

  • My camera settings will always be perfect
  • I know how to find the perfect scene, and how to capture the movement
  • And I’ll be left with a ton of beautiful photos as a beneficial by-product of my movies

Time-lapse photography is special because it has the ability to tell the full story of what you’re shooting. You can share a sun setting, a storm rolling through, a flower blooming… all in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Normally, experts keep time-lapse methods close to the vest, because they can charge hefty fees for training. There’s never been an easy or affordable way for regular people to master time-lapse photography. Until now.

With over 140,000 students, photographers love our training. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of them have to say about “Total Time-Lapse”:

"...Very Informative and Easy to Understand"

Norman Lenburg

This really gave me a jump-start with time-lapse! Great tips for shooting and a well thought out workflow. Thank you.

Helen Sugrue

Easy to follow, easy to understand and a nice way to start your journey if you are interested in Time Lapse photography. I liked that if there were any sections you didn’t quite understand the first time around. You listened to them again until the penny dropped. I thought the course was well worth the money and time spent on it.

Lee Jorgensen

I started watching this morning and have gotten as far as the bonuses in one go! Needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying this and have to humbly admit that this was my “aha” moment when I finally understood about the parameters to make it all work. Not only did it inspire me to try a simple time-lapse on my camera, but I have attacked hyper lapses and motion lapses on my DJI Osmo 2 and Ronin Rs2! Thank you for a great course so far!

3 Modules for Award-Winning Time-Lapses (Value $327)

1. Gear

You might be surprised, but you don’t need top-of-the-line equipment to capture stunning time-lapse photography.

The only accessories you’ll need are a tripod and a $15 intervalometer.

In this module we reveal:

  • What are Sliders and how can you use them to create epic time-lapses
  • The most essential tool for time-lapses: the intervalometer
  • How to use filters for unique time-lapses
  • How to choose the right lens for professional time-lapses
  • What are panning heads and how to use them

2. Shooting

In this section, we dive deep into the most exciting part: shooting time-lapses.

You’ll soon discover:

  • What is flicker and how to avoid it?
  • The optimal settings for time-lapse photography
  • How to calculate the number of frames for the best results
  • The entire Total Time-Lapse walkthrough
  • How the different shutter speeds compare in time-lapse photography
  • The best aperture choices for your time-lapse
  • And much more…

3. Editing

In this module, you’ll find our step-by-step guide to editing your time-lapse in Lightroom & LR Timelapse.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Select your main images for editing from the hundreds of frames
  • Color-grade your images using Lightroom
  • Apply the changes made across all of your frames using LR Timelapse
  • Get rid of flicker to get a more professional look
  • Reload your metadata into Lightroom with a click of a button
  • And much more…

What else is included?

New Bonus: The Ultimate Time-Lapse Cheat Sheet (Value $49)

Time-lapse photography is about capturing motion and to do that, you have to have the right camera settings.

But if you’re just starting out, deciding on the settings for each scene can require quite a bit of trial and error.

That’s why we’ve worked with our designer to make a simple cheat sheet with settings you can use in 20 different shooting situations. 

From street photography to sunsets, you’ll always know exactly which settings to use with this cheat sheet!

Bonus #1: How to Hyperlapse (Value = $69)

The art of a good time-lapse movie is in capturing movement. Cars driving by, clouds moving through the sky, the sun setting at night.

But what if instead of our subjects moving, we moved instead? That’s what Hyperlapse is all about. Using our feet as the movement in the scene to capture unique perspectives.

There are a few ways to do this, but in this bonus, we share our method using nothing but a tripod.

  • How to select a scene that looks stunning with camera motion
  • How to accurately add intervals between each shot
  • The filter you must apply to remove unwanted camera shake

Bonus #2 - Movie Maker (Value = $69)

Making movies is fun and easy, once you know how to do it. But like all forms of editing, there’s a right way and a wrong way (and in this case, an easy way) to go about it.

Although we don’t go into detail on how to use video editing software (that would be a different course entirely)… we do show you the exact process Casey used to edit one of his award-winning films.

Movie Maker shows you:

  • The simple reason why we always start with the soundtrack first
  • How to tastefully transition between the different clips
  • Creative ways to make your video more dramatic without the need for special effects!

We walk you through exactly how Casey made this award-winning film below:

Bonus #3 - Market Your Movies (Value = $69)

Have you ever wanted to see what the pros do to get their movies shared online while earning money from them?

In this short, but sweet bonus, we share exactly what we do in this all-important final step. After all, what’s the point in creating these breathtaking movies if no one sees them?

Market Your Movies shows you:

  • Where to upload your movies online for maximum exposure
  • How to get initial views through online communities to help drive viral traffic
  • An easy way to license your clips to make you money while you sleep
  • What to do with the hundreds of photos you captured so that they don’t go to waste
  • Where to enter your movies for competitions, to win awards for all your hard work


90 Days Guarantee

I stand behind every product we offer.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is with these two guarantees:

Guarantee #1: If you don’t think “Total Time-Lapse” is the best $69 you’ve spent on your time-lapse photography… send me an email. I’ll provide you with a full refund.

Guarantee #2: If you DO what’s recommended, and your results aren’t great, I’ll refund double your money. All I ask is that you give it an honest effort. How’s that for fair?

And these guarantees are good for 90 days after purchase!

But, This Might Not Be Right for You...

Creating time-lapse movies requires vision and storytelling.

A 10-second clip usually takes between 5-15 minutes to capture.

And you have to train your eye to think about the scene and the movement that’s going to take place before you start to shoot.

You’re telling a story with a stunning video, rather than a single image.

Time-lapse photography isn’t for everyone. It’s probably not for the photographer who only wants to take a quick pic and be on their way.

But perhaps the best thing about learning how to create stunning time-lapse movies is that you dramatically improve your storytelling capabilities.

Time-lapse photography trains your instinct and forces you to really think about your scene before you even turn your camera on.

Why This Course is Worth $1,000

If I could give you a proven method for creating the most powerful videos of your life, how much would that be worth?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a movie in Budapest, the city I live in, and boy did it impress my friends! It’s the most liked video I’ve ever posted on my personal Facebook profile!

Here, check it out:

It’s one of the most fun types of photography you can master. You can connect with photography in a new way and really bring your portfolio to life. What more can you ask for?

The thing is, time-lapse is such a powerful area of expertise, that training can be pricey. Workshops at $1,000.00 or more aren’t uncommon. That’s the reason so few masters of it.

Personally, if I knew of a guaranteed way to master time-lapse photography, and it cost only $1,299.00, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

And I did exactly that! That’s how much Casey Kiernan’s workshop cost me, and it was worth every penny.

What’s fantastic is this course covers everything Casey teaches in his closed-door workshop. And more. Together we’ve expanded the content while making it easier to grasp and use.

Plus, we’re giving you How to Hyperlapse ($69.00) Movie Maker ($69.00), and Market Your Movies ($69.00) as free bonuses!

But, you won’t be paying $1,506.00 today. You won’t even be paying $499.00. Or anything close to that.

If you purchase Total Time-Lapse in our store right now, it’ll be yours for only $299.00!

However, I’m running a big promotion, I’m going to slash the price again.

Total Time-Lapse

Create Award-Winning Time-Lapse Movies Effortlessly

The entire course contains: Value
  1. Gear (5 Videos; 29 minutes)

  2. Shooting (9 Videos; 49 minutes)

  3. Editing (1 Video; 28 minutes)

Total Value: $327.00

Plus... you're also getting these powerful bonuses:

  • The Ultimate Time-Lapse Cheat Sheet

  • How to Hyperlapse (Video Tutorial)

  • Movie Maker (Video Tutorial)

  • Market Your Movies (Video Tutorial)

Total Value: $256.00

A combined value of $583.00

But you won’t be paying $583.00 today. You won’t even be paying $299.00. Or even half of that.

It’s Yours Today For Just $69 🔥

But hurry! Only the first 500 copies are discounted!

Save an amazing $514.00 before the countdown ends.

Get Instant Access to:

“Total Time-Lapse”

Yes, I want it! I want access to this course right now!
Save 70% in Our Black Friday Sale
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Your payment is 100% secure.

But There’s A Catch (Please Read This Carefully)

As you can tell, this is a staggeringly low price. These courses together should retail for over $1,500.00, and you’re getting all of them for less than 10% of that.

But like I said, there is a catch.

You see, in exchange for this discounted rate, I’d like to ask a small favour. When you get your copy, can you email me your feedback on it?

This will require no effort on your part – you’ll receive an email a couple of weeks after you get your copy, and you can reply directly. A single sentence would be helpful.

And that’s it. Pretty easy “catch”, right?

I just want to get as much feedback as possible so I can continue to improve the course.

For that reason, we only plan to offer this deal for the next 500 customers to get the customer feedback we need.

One Week From Now…

Your confidence will have grown immensely and you’ll realise how easily the skills you gained translate to photography in general.

In short: You’ll be a better, more focused and more interesting photographer.

But only when you choose to act.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, capturing stunning time-lapse movies if I hadn’t chosen to act.

You have a chance to do things differently. “Total Time-Lapse” is your path to becoming a much better, more fulfilled photographer. But it’s up to you to take the first step.

You are free to say no, and stick to your own techniques… but why not see if this is the solution you’re looking for?

The choice is yours.

Click the button below to get started!

Yours Truly,

Josh Dunlop
Founder, Expert Photography

P.S. – You get everything you need to create professional time-lapse movies, AND you’re getting The Ultimate Time-Lapse Cheat Sheet ($49), How to Hyperlapse ($69), Movie Maker ($69) and Market Your Movies ($69) for FREE. But remember – 500 is the magic number.


Who is ExpertPhotography?

ExpertPhotography was founded in 2011 by Joshua Dunlop.
Since then ExpertPhotography has grown into the world’s largest photography education website with a variety of online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, presets, and more.

Everything we do here is to make the process of learning photography easier, so you can experience the same joy we do.

We’ve taught photography to 140,000+ very happy and satisfied students over the past 11 years.

Photography has changed our lives, and we hope we can help it to change yours too.

Is this an online course or will you send me DVDs?

This is an online course only. This enables you to access the course immediately, and it enables us to easily add new videos as requested.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! We have downloads for every single video.

Do you offer closed captions / subtitles?

Yes! I’m proud to say that we offer these for all of our online courses.

Does the course expire or will I have lifetime access?

You will have lifetime access and the video downloads ensure that you can watch them on any device, at any time.

May I see the course contents?

Sure, we have 17 videos, covering:

Aperture and Lens Choice




Panning Heads

Aperture Choice Comparison

Shutter Speed Comparison

What Is and How to Avoid Flicker

Scene Selection

Shooting Mode Comparison

Optimal Settings for Time Lapse

Setting Your Camera Up to Take Back Total Control

Calculating The Number of Frames

Total Time-Lapse Walkthrough

Creating Your Time-Lapse In Lightroom and LR Timelapse

Editing Your Time-Lapse Into Movies

Marketing Your Time-Lapse Videos

Will this work with my camera?

If you have a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Bridge camera, then this course was designed for you! We cover settings that you will find in your camera.

What software do I need?

You’ll need a copy of Lightroom (anything past version 5), and a copy of LR Timelapse, which can be found for free for sequences of less than 400 images.

Does this course include free software?

No, but the software you need is inexpensive and easy to find. You’ll need a copy of Lightroom (anything past version 5), and a copy of LR Timelapse, which can be found for free for sequences of less than 400 images.

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