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Our Story

Joshua Dunlop
March, 2019

It was a rush like no other.

A happy client, my first photography paycheque, and a room full of people admiring my work.

The date was January 17th 2011, and I had just finished my first photography job.

That was all it took for me to realise that I wanted to pursue photography full time. So I took a risk. I quit my job working in live audio (my dream for many years), and started my very own (this) website. It took a little help from my brother and co-founder, Michael Dunlop, and my Dad (Sales Turnaround Expert, Barry Dunlop).

My plan was to write a few blog posts, help some photographers, and get some recognition. Then maybe I’d book more photography jobs.

…but things got a little out of hand.

As I was researching content to write about, I was increasingly frustrated with the quality of photography education on the internet.

Thin content, distracting ads, and minimal photos. I knew I could do a better job than what was currently available, so that’s what I did…

In April 2011 I founded ExpertPhotography with the help of my brother Michael Dunlop.

And since then (a lot of credit goes to the work done in 2018), ExpertPhotography has grown into the world’s largest photography education website in the world.

Which is why ExpertPhotography is now run by a team of 13 people (and 50 freelance writers), producing 18 free blog posts a week, with a variety of online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, presets, and more.

The website you’re currently browsing took almost a year to design and build, and is the 5th design we’ve used since we founded (sorry if you don’t recognise us haha). Everything we do here is to make the process of learning photography easier, so you can experience the same joy we do.

Photography has changed our lives, and I hope we can help it to change yours too.

Thanks for visiting.