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10 Best DIY Photography Props in 2023 (Easy but Awesome)

Last updated: November 14, 2023 - 8 min read
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DIY photography props are great for both beginners and professional photographers. You can turn the simplest objects into creative photography subjects. There’s no limit to what you can do, so let your creativity run wild!

No matter what type of photography you’re into, it’s important to know how to make something out of nothing. This skill makes you more imaginative and lets you have more fun in any photoshoot location.

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10 Best DIY Photography Props

Here are 10 creative DIY photography props you can easily make for your photoshoots.

1. Make DIY Floral Crowns Using Flower Clips

Some flower crowns can be very expensive, don’t look that great, or fall apart easily. You can prevent this and save some money by investing in flower clips.

Ebay and Amazon are filled with affordable hair accessories. Search for flower clips and order a few that look good together.

You can then use these to make your custom flower crowns. The best thing about separate flower clips is that they can be rearranged. You can design the crown according to your preferences and the photoshoot’s theme.

You can, of course, go old-school and use fresh flowers that are in season. All you have to do is buy floral wire, shape it to fit your head, and attach flowers. Refrigerate your crown of flowers if you’re not using them immediately to keep them looking nice.

Portrait of a woman in a white dress with a flower crown as a DIY photography prop
Photo by Daria Magazzu (Unsplash)

2. Create Perfectly Framed Photo Booths Using Rail Road or Foam Board

This DIY idea comes with a lot of creative freedom. It’s a great prop for weddings, baby showers, and other parties requiring lots of group photos. All your models have to do is hold the frame while you take photos of them!

All you need is a large railroad board or foam board, scissors, glue, a ruler, and decorations.

People using a New Year's DIY photography props frame

Cut a rectangle in the center of the foam board. Leave extra space at the bottom for words like “Bridal Shower” or “Happy Birthday.”

You can paint the board or leave it white to create a Polaroid effect. You could also cover the board with glitter, glue flowers, or draw pictures.

If you want to enhance the frame with photo booth props like mustaches and hats, you can use free printable props.


3. Let Your Photo Backdrops Come to Life Using Chalk

Another creative way to enhance a background is to use chalkboard paint or chalk. You can use this on a chalkboard, chalkboard wall sticker, black wall, or the ground. Chalk illustrations are versatile. They can be used in a variety of photoshoots.

If you want something conceptual, you can draw on a chalkboard or even hire an artist. If you want something personal and fun, you can ask your subject to draw a few things themselves.

The second option is ideal for children’s photography. It helps prevent boredom and make your subjects feel important in the process.

Chalk background with words and a mountain landscape as a DIY photography prop
Photo by Daniele Jesse Bowser (Unsplash)

4. Enhance Newborn Photos With DIY Rainbows and Clouds

This is an easy way to take creative photos of newborn babies and children. Using non-toxic paint, paint a rainbow on a roll of craft paper or any other material appropriate for the photoshoot.

You can use a white fluffy blanket that resembles a cloud. Or you can fill a large basket with pillow stuffing. Place your subject gently on the cotton cloud in the middle or on either side of the rainbow.

You can take this further by painting birds, clouds, stars, and landscapes on the backdrop to create a more wholesome composition.

Cute picture of a baby with a rainbow background
(Adobe Stock)

5. Create Custom Backgrounds Using Tape and Colored Paper

Are the walls in your home too boring for simple portraits? Invest in large sheets of colored poster boards and tape them to a wall. You can then light your subject using artificial or natural light.

Ensure the colored paper is large enough to take wide photos and close-ups. You can use washi tape instead of regular tape to avoid damaging the wall.

If you want your background to look even more striking, use sheets of wallpaper with different designs.

Headshots with different colored DIY photography prop backgrounds

6. Turn a Simple Bath Into a Milky Floral Photoshoot

For this DIY photography prop, you need a bathtub, access to natural light, lots of water, milk, and flowers. The closer the bathtub is to a large window, the better your photos will look.

To prevent wasting a lot of milk, you can use milk powder. Make sure the water is hot so that the powder can dissolve and not form chunks in the bathtub. The less you use, the more translucent the effect will be.

Once everything is ready, put a few flowers into the bath to intensify the dreamy effect. Milk baths are an easy way to take unique photos of children, pregnant women, and couples.


7. Create Fluffy DIY Clouds to Take Surreal Portrait Photos

Once again, fluffy clouds are one of the best DIY photography props you can make in minutes. They’re perfect for fun children and family photography. All you need is cotton and glue.

Using the pillow stuffing, create realistic-looking clouds of different shapes and sizes. You can glue them to a round base, like a balloon, if you want them to stay in place. Glue the pieces together.

Once everything is ready, hang the clouds from a ceiling, stick them to a blue backdrop, or have your models hold them.

Photo of a boy in front of a homemade photo backdrop
(Adobe Stock)

8. Turn Light Bulbs Into Flower Pots to Enhance Backgrounds

Those old incandescent lightbulbs we’re trying not to use anymore can be turned into delicate works of art. These light bulb terrariums are perfect for house decorations and photoshoots.

Even when you’re done taking photos, you can hang them in your home.

Lightbulb flower vases as DIY photography props
Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk (Unsplash)

First, empty a light bulb. Ensure you wear gloves and safety glasses to avoid harmful chemicals or shards of glass. After that, glue a few strings to the base of the light bulbs and pour some water into them.

Place a few flowers into your new vases and hang them from a ceiling or a high platform. These are perfect for portrait and family photos. For the best results, hang them in front of a white wall. This will create a bright and dreamy atmosphere.


9. Decorate Simple Balloons with Fabric for a Chic DIY Prop

There’s no doubt that balloons make colorful and striking photo accessories. To make your photoshoot as unusual as possible, cover the balloons in colored fabric.

To keep everything in place, tape the fabric to the base of the balloon. You can also use string if the tape stands out too much. This will work best on black or white balloons. Other balloon colors might clash with the fabric.

You can use these DIY props in all types of portrait photography, including birthday and fashion shoots.

A white balloon covered with fabric as a DIY photography prop
Photo by Hipster Mum (Unsplash)

10. Use Paper Bunting to Decorate Simple Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Bunting is the perfect photography decoration. You can use it as a creative foreground or background to enhance simple photos. The easiest way to make bunting is to use colored paper, glue or tape, scissors, and string.

Cut out triangles like those below and attach them to a long line of string using glue or tape. And you’re done! If you want something more delicate, use colored fabric or cloth with designs.

Bunting with different designs hanging with light bulbs and rope
Photo by Lanty (Unsplash)

Conclusion: Best DIY Photography Props

Using simple items in your home, you can transform your photos and portraits into creative masterpieces. These DIY skills will help you find potential for photo props in simple places and get creative no matter where you are.

Are you looking for more great DIY ideas? Check out our post about how to make a DIY wood backdrop for photos next! Or take a look at our Creative Portrait Concepts eBook that delves into more DIY photography props.

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